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We help providing solutions and coaching to startups and small business.

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We support businesses with online strategies and mentoring boards.

How we can support you

Make it happen

Inqbr [in:cuber] can help you deal with the issues you may run into in your company. Issues you weren't ready for, that can be very challenging and demanding, in both time and effort. We can help you recruit the right people, make plans for projects, set up a action plan for your product, help you with financial questions, deal with management problems. In short, we can help you reach the next level by helping you focus on what's important to the business, your time, and support you by taking care of all the other things. We help you make it happen.

Inqbr at a glance

Inqbr [in:cuber] provides coaching and mentor services for Startups and Small and Medium Business. We provide support in form of mentoring, training and issue solving. We speak the internet language, have the relevant experience in management and we work with the latest and greatest technologies, management models, leadership theories and we use known processes in order to solve issues.

We also know the Business drivers and what it means when it comes to services, management, leadership and the drive to make things happen.

We want to work with you and create the success in your company together.

We are based in Basel/Switzerland.