Hire Inqbr for technology services within

Web Development

New development or maintenance of websites, custom built Webapp systems, credit card payments and API-integrations.

Project Management

Agile and Classic covering all stages including Budget/NPV, initiation, staffing, execution and delivery - or if agile in iterative sprints.


Sourcing and Recruitment of motivated, skilled and experienced digital profiles using algorithms.

Technology Strategy

Understanding the business now in order to create the future technology strategy. Helping companies grow.

Startup Incubation

We build companies from ideas, test them and grow the business. Learn our business process.

Companies needs experienced people with the right understanding of how technology and business can and must work together in order to create new opportunities as well as hold on to the existing ones. In a competitive market each and every company needs to find their edge and leverage that in order to stay competitive and grow.



Recruitment is broken

We’ve heard this for years. You’ve probably applied for many jobs on many different places without even getting an answer. In the best case you’ll hear from the company after a long time when they Read more…