Your idea. Tested

How you know if your idea is good enough to build a business around.


Short and efficient smart coding helps you build a MVP, Minimum Viable Product, fast. Don't waste time building a car when you can build a skateboard first.


Launch early and test quick. Validate your assumptions and get user feedback, now. Learn and adapt.


Build all the features you know your users want. Get traction and serve your base. Grow your business in iterative cycles.

Spend only exactly the time and effort you need and validate your assumptions as early as possible. Build a great Product is all about timing and hitting the right spot. It takes iterations, tests and multiple pivots in different directions before you can find that spot. If you haven’t found it yet, keep trying.

The next big things

A few of the ideas we are currently working on.


Recruitment portal

Find digital profiles with a complete hiring process support and a matching algorithm.



Remote Team Management

Manage your remote teams HR: Time, Salaries, Contracts, Communication, Expenses - all in one place.



Buy shares in startups

Follow promising startups and invest and divest when you want to. Always open and rewarding.


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