Some things in life are simple. Like our business process. Yes, you can spend tons of hours in your business plan and you will sell 0. You will just add to your assumptions. Instead, we want to test the assumptions as quick as possible, and learn from it. Then take a new direction. Then learn again. Great business is grown by 1) ideas of solving a need 2) test if someone wants it.

Our process

  1. Code the idea with a nice front-end and easy back-end. As little time as possible spent here is the best. Just enough time. It should be a very small “minimum viable product” (a.k.a “MVP”).
  2. Launch the idea online and generate traffic to it via your social media network, online advertising (ads) or other network.
  3. Look at the data of the traffic the idea is generating. Is anyone buying? Is it working? Then add more features.
  4. Build a business around something that’s already working and has traction.